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Research Paper Parental Discipline

Parental Discipline: Spanking or Time out?

Having a child is a huge responsibility. There is no owner’s manual to raising children, therefore the issue or discipline is left completely up to the parent. There are different definitions of spanking, for this piece, “spanking is defined [here] as hitting a child with an open hand on the buttocks or extremities with the intent to discipline without leaving bruise or causing a physical harm” (Benjet and Kazin). And is it safe at all to spank children as punishment? It seems to be a growing issue that children are misbehaving and are disrespecting authority figures and their parents as of lately. Shows such as Nanny 911 are broadcasting the issue of poorly behaved children onto national television. Some would say kids just need to be “shown who is boss,” but does that actually address the issues of the child? Does that really solve anything? No. Spanking is not the effective way to show a child right from wrong, for it can cause long term negative effects, including emotional, psychological, and hurt the relationship with the parents.
America is a technologically advanced nation with many developments and discoveries that show great intelligence. There is no need for such primitive and elementary punishment; humans should be smart enough to use more effective forms of disciplinary action. The human race has made it a point to show superiority over animals and nature, yet some people use such instinctual methods of discipline, something that takes no thought process to commit: corporal punishment.
“Corporal punishment can lead to abuse and repercussions in a child’s future, using spanking as a main method of punishment could lead to depression, violence, and further misbehavior” (Ramsburg). Also, the most common form thought of when corporal punishment is mentioned is spanking. Spanking is most heavily used between ages two and three, with 40% of parents with children less than three admitting to spanking (Halfon). This type of punishment is used on children who do not fully understand the reasons they are being hit and the purpose behind it. This can be confusing to the child and cause further emotional distress.
Spanking can cause the misconception that “might is right” and that bigger people can beat up smaller ones. “Spanking teaches children that the larger, stronger person has the power to get his way, whether or not he is in the right. Children who are spanked then feel quite justified in beating up on others. This teaches violence and physical aggression. The American tradition of spanking is therefore linked to the fact that there is much more violence in our country than in any other comparable nation (Spock). The spanking of children teaches them that its ok to hit people if they are doing something wrong, especially if they are smaller than them, but then parents teach them that hitting someone is bad; a complete hypocrisy.
A more disturbing finding is that emotional stability and frustration of a parent can contribute to how often they discipline their children. There is no reason a child should be hit because a parent is overly stressed or frustrated with economic or marital issues. In most cases the more frustrated a parent is the more frequently they spank their child (Halfon). Not only are these children possibly being spanked for bad behavior that they do not fully comprehend, but also for no fault of their own, due to an emotional issue with the administrator of the punishment. This is just one indication about how negative spanking can be and how it should not be thought of as a form of acceptable punishment.
Parents take pediatricians and psychologists’ advice more seriously than just any person on the street. Psychologists, for the most part, are trying to tell parents of the adverse affects of spanking to help avoid this type of association with frustration and physical punishment. 70% of psychologists would never suggest that a parent use spanking to discipline a child and only 4% would sometimes suggest spanking a child (Benjet and Kazdin). The lack of support of corporal punishment from doctors and psychiatrists is because they know there are more effective methods to discipline a child, “while spanking may relieve a parent’s frustration and stop misbehavior briefly, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (1995), researchers suggest that spanking may be the least effective discipline method” (Ramsburg). In discipline counseling:
A major focus of discipline counseling has been advising parents about their choices for discipline practices. For example, recognizing the risks inherent in the use of corporal punishment, the 1998 AAP statement recommends that pediatrician’s advise parents to adopt discipline practices other than spanking. Because corporal punishment is so widely accepted and practiced, pediatric counseling efforts would necessarily be directed toward guiding parents to change their beliefs and behavior (Halfon).

A parent could effectively get a point across about wrong and right by explaining to the child why what they did was wrong and not to do it again, this coupled with
the feeling of guilt and being sorry, the child will associate that feeling every time they think of committing the wrongful act again (Spock). There are better alternatives with the same effectiveness as spanking, “mild noncorporal punishments such as brief time out from reinforcement or short term loss of privileges in the context of praise and rewards can accomplish the goals for which spanking is usually employed”(Benjet and Kazdin). It is a promising sign that by the time a child is 19-35 months of age the parents surveyed in the National Survey of Early Childhood Health reported that 38% rarely spanked their children while only 2% of parents spanked their children often. While 67% explained to their children what they did wrong often and only 4% never explained to the child they were wrong (Helfon).
“To spank or not to spank” is a debate over the right to hit a child or not, inflicting pain on a young child for committing an act they most likely did not know was wrong in the first place. Fighting for the right to hit a child does not seem like something that many people would stand behind, but spanking and corporal punishment on very young children is still used in the everyday life of many parents and is widely popular in America. Children should be protected from abuse just as adults are. It is a basic right and should be recognized as a plausible, legitimate right whether a person is an 18 month old baby or a 45 year old grown person. Spanking can lead to depression, criminal acts, developmental issues, increased aggression and violence, with the possibility of the child turning into a bully or abuser (Ramsburg). Although these adverse psychological affects of spankings are not completely proven, they are also neither disproved; it is not worth taking the risk of damaging the development and emotional stability of a child just because of an act as small as not sharing a toy with a sibling.

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Letter to New Students

Dear New Students:

If you approach this class with organization and do not procrastinate you will do very well in this class. I made sure that all my assignments were done on time so as not to get behind. It is very hard to get caught up in this class. Be more prepared for the research paper pick something that is very interesting to you and make sure you can find good resources for the paper. I was not prepared for the research paper and had to change my topic at the last minute.

My advice to you would be to stay organized and make sure that you follow the Couse Outline and have all the assignments done on time. The one thing that helped me was having my outlines done and following it made the paper more interesting. Do not wait until the night before an essay is due and try to write it, you will not be able to get a good grade doing it that way. If you run into problems the professor is there to help and is able to give very good advise.

English 1010 The Writing Learning Experience

English 1010 helped me learn to write essays in the correct format and be grammatically correct. This class has helped me be more organized, use grammar correctly, and write more freely.

I have always had a problem with just rambling when I tried to write. Having a thesis statement and an outline has helped me keep my essays more organized. My argument essay was very organized and I was able to make sense when I wrote how I felt about cell phones.

Grammar has always been a problem for me when writing. This class has helped me use the correct grammar, which means no runon or fragmented sentences. In my cause and effect essay I worked hard on these two grammar problems and did very well on the essay.

This class has helped me not to have a fear of writing. I used to hate to write, now I feel I could put an essay together and get a good grade.

I am very glad I took this class and feel that I have improved almost 100% with my writing skills. English has always been one of my worst subjects, but now I have the confidence to put together a vcry organized and informative essay.

Summary No Shapshots in the Attic

No Snapshots in the Attic

This article was interesting to me because I can relate to what the writer is going through. My grandmother passed away when I was very young and my sister and I have not been able to find out to much about her. It is very difficult when they do not keep records or have very many photographs. What I can remember about her was the stories she would tell about Poland, where she is from.
I agree with the author when she says she feels like part of her is missing by not knowing her families history. It seems like a lot of the Native Americans did not like to talk about their history when they should have, so that the family could grow from the knowledge. I remember when I was about ten I found out the we were part Cherokee, and when I asked my mom she told me not to tell anyone. I always wondered why she acted that way and this article made me see why. Not that I agree with her, I was always proud to be Cherokee.
Her struggles to find out information are exactly what my sister and I have gone through over the last five years. We feel that this information about our heritage would help up understand what my fathers’ family went through and what they were like.
I really like this sentence we will flourish as Indians, high-wire artists, animal charmers, and writers all. Some things can never be found out and that is when we have to make our own history. It would be nice to know but life goes on and we should make the best of it.

Argument Essay Cell Phones are Distracting

Cell Phones are Distracting

Cell phones are a great innovation of mankind if used in the correct context. When people are engaged in a cellular conversation they tend to become engulfed in their daily drama and do not pay attention to where they are or what they are doing, especially while driving a vehicle or walking in a busy city. Cell phones have caused controversy because when they are not used properly they cause public annoyance, distraction, and accidents.
When people are on their cell phones out in public they become a public annoyance. Over the past three years it has been increasingly evident that when people talk on their cell phones they do not try to be private about their personal business, they can be in an everyday public place and be arguing with a friend or family member. Distracted people can be in the check-out line and pay no attention to the cashier when it’s their turn to purchase their items; this causes the patrons behind them to have to wait in line longer for their own transaction.
Cell phones take their users attention away from the world around them and make them concentrate only on the call they are having. People on their cell phones walk into people and walk right off a side walk into traffic because they are not paying attention to what they are doing; just their conversations. This occurrence is most clearly evident with people driving vehicles while talking on a cell phone, they tend to speed up, then slow down, and swerve on the beltway because they missed their exit, a dangerous feat to try to maneuver on a busy beltway or highway.
The chance of a car accident is probably greatly increased by cell phone use. It is incredibly difficult to carry a conversation while trying to pay full attention to what is going on while driving. The best option for answering a phone while driving is to pull over and have the conversation. In the state of Maryland teenagers are not allowed to drive while they are on the cell phone because the accident rate for teenagers went up from cell phone use.
Many people believe that cell phones are a convenience and that they can drive, walk, and go through everyday affairs without distraction. They argue that they do not want to miss a call, it might be important or an emergency; that is what voicemail is for, a person can check their voicemail regularly and call the person back. Phones should be used with etiquette and people need to be aware of who and what is going on around them while they are on the phone.
Cell phones are great for emergencies and are more convenient then the regular home phone, but there needs to be more emphasis on safe driving and decorum. The harmful effects of a cell phone if not used properly can be deadly; cell phone misuse should not be taken lightly. People should follow cell phone etiquette, and be aware of their surroundings and what is going on. They have to remember they are not the only people around when they are in public and talking on their cell. The population needs to be more careful when they are on their cell phones, and then the phones would fulfill the original conveniences they were created for and not be a distraction or cause of accidents.

Cause & Effect Essay Smoking


Smoking is a dangerous habit which causes illnesses and long term effects on health. Most people do not realize the effects until they have been smoking for years; it can cause heart disease, cancer, and other medical problems. Smoking is a choice with extremely harmful consequences. There are three distinctive consequences which are addiction, illness, and high cost medical bills.
Smoking is very addictive because of the nicotine found in cigarettes. It does not take very long to become obsessed with smoking. A person could start with around five a day and within weeks be up to a pack a day. This high increase in the amount of cigarettes smoked is due to the nicotine that gets into the system and causes irresistible cravings. The longer a person smokes the more nicotine the body craves and the harder it is to resist the urges to smoke.
One of the worst things about smoking is the medical side effects including emphysema and cancer. Inhaling the toxins in cigarettes can slowly cause a person to be sickly all the time. One of the major illnesses from smoking is emphysema, which cannot be cured once the lungs are infected. Emphysema can be debilitating and causes breathing to become painfully difficult which makes any activity almost impossible. Most people who have emphysema are on oxygen 24 hours a day to help them breath, because their lungs are practically paralyzed from the effects of having damaged air sacs. Along with emphysema, smoking can also cause several other types of cancer including lung and throat cancers. The most commonly known cancer associated with smoking is lung cancer, which takes several years to form and can become very painful and debilitating. Emphysema and lung cancer can be very deadly and change a smoker’s body forever. Although lung cancer may be curable, it is only through chemotherapy, which can be extensive, weakening, and painful.
Not only do smokers have to worry about the devastating affects of cigarettes, but also the medical expenses of being a smoker are astronomical. Some health insurance companies charge a higher premium when they find out a client smokes cigarettes, and if said smoker gets an illness that is related to smoking, some insurance companies have been known to cancel the policy. In some cases they refuse to pay for certain medical treatments. Unlike alcohol rehabilitation that medical insurance does pay for, they do not pay for smoking cessation. In addition to medical insurance, life insurance for a smoker is unfathomably high. The older the client continues to survive as a smoker, the higher the premium rate is, which is almost double what a non smoker pays.
Smoking has been around for hundreds of years, and people have been dying from it for just as long; there is no reason to start and every reason to stop. Overall, the best advice any smoker will give when asked if a person should smoke is to never start at all. The consequences of addiction, illness, and medical cost should be evidence enough that smoking has far more negative effects than anything else.

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Summary of Research Paper

My research paper is about Treatment of Panic Attacks. There are different ways of treating a person that has panic attacks. Some people prefer medication and going to a psychiatrist. Therapy and facing the fear is another way of treating panic attacks, this is a longer process, but has better long term results. The person learns in therapy how to work through a panic attack and each time they face their fear it gets easier.

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Movie Crash

1. Consider one or two of the main charactors in the film. How did their perspectives on race influence their behavior? What were their blind spots?

I think Jean characterized all hispanics as gang members and was very opinionated towards the locksmith. Same with when she saw Anthony and the other guy her reaction was to get closer to her husband and act scared. She characterized them by the way they looked. Maybe if she hadn't shown the fear they would not have carjacked them. I think she was so concerned with how things look and what she has she did not see the good in some people. Especially when she fell and could not get her best friend that lived 10 minutes away to come and help her. Her maid was the one that ended up being there for her.

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Roles for Writing


Full-time Worker


Traveled for work to do training classes and met a lot of people and learned different
ideas for the training class.


Organize a household and work full-time. Multi task at home and work


Love to read

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Good Luck this Semester